Yezdi Roadster VS Royal Enfield Classic 350

Yezdi has made a rebound in the Indian Market with three new bicycles: a scrambler, an undertaking, a setup, a scrambler, an experience and a roadster. By bringing back Yezdi in India, Classic Legends may have recently changed the eventual fate of the retro bicycles in India may look. We say so as the Royal Enfields are the most settled retro bicycles in India; presently, they have contenders like Jawa and Yezdi on the lookout.

Considering the test, we have looked at one of India’s most settled models, for example, Imperial Enfield Classic 350, with the novice Yezdi Scrambler as they fall in similar classifications. Assuming that you are thinking about purchasing any of these, this correlation is something you ought to go through to settle on a superior informed choice.

Body Design

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Yezdi Roadster both have that retro look that one may be searching for coming in these portions. However these looks may come heavier and sturdier body plan for the Classic 350 than the Roadster, they weigh 195 kg and 184 kg, individually, which is a minuscule hole.

In India, individuals frequently search for vehicles with more ground leeway which is good on both these bicycles, the Enfield offering 170mm and the Yezdi a 175mm. What’s more, Classic 350 has 19-inch front tires and 18-inch back tires, while the Roadster has 18-inch front tires and 17-inch back tires. However the distinction on paper isn’t a lot, the ride quality can vary considering these numbers, which may lean toward the Enfield as it very well may be more steady, with a decent hang on the ground.


 It is coming to the highlights the Classic 350 deal a blend of simple and computerized instrument bunch with a simple speedometer and an LCD for odometer, fuel measure, trip meter and clock. It likewise gets an unobtrusively planned USB charging port. Notwithstanding, the Roadster accompanies a total LCD instrument bunch that shows data like ABS mode, gear position, distance to purge and outing meter. Also, the Yezdi gets an edge over the Enfield with the LED front light contrasted with the Halogen on Classic 350.

Engine and Specs

The Classic 350 has a 349 cc, air-cooled motor with a 5-speed steady cross-section giving out 20 bhp and 27 Nm of Max Torque. In correlation, the Roadster has a 334cc, fluid cooled single-chamber DOHC motor creating 29 bhp and 29 Nm of max force working with a 6-speed gearbox. This implies that the Roadster sneaks up suddenly and has more pulling power than the Classic 350.

Suspension and Brakes

Both these bicycles have adaptive front forks. Nonetheless, the Classic 350 has twin-tube emulsion safeguards with 6-venture flexible preload, though the twin shock with gas-filled emulsion. The Classic 350 has a 300 mm plate and 153 mm drum brakes in the rear(as standard) for the brakes. The Roadster has a 320 mm plate in front and a 240 mm circle toward the back. Considering these bits of knowledge, it is evident that the Roadster offers a preferable stopping mechanism over the Classic 350.


Both these bicycles fall in a comparable section. The Classic 350 is valued between Rs 1.84 lakh and 2.15 lakh, while the Roadster is estimated between Rs 1.98 lakh and Rs 2.06 lakh. Without a ton of calculating, any reasonable person would agree that the Classic 350 is a piece simpler on the pocket with the base variations. You become on an all the more impressive bicycle with better slowing down and instrument group somewhat more cash.

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