Yezdi India Lineup

Classic Legends Private Limited appears to be good to go to re-send off the Yezdi cruiser brand very soon. The organization which produces and sells the Jawa cruisers in India, and as of late restored the BSA Motorcycle brand in the UK, will present no less than two new bike models under the Yezdi brand name. Both the new Yezdi cruisers will be founded on existing Jawa stages, and one of these bicycles are relied upon to be an undertaking visiting model, while the other one is relied upon to be a metropolitan scrambler. A third model, suspected to be a roadster, may likewise be sent off, which is probably going to be known as the Yezdi Roadking.

Yezdi India offers an aggregate of 3 bicycles. The rundown of Yezdi bicycle models in the nation includes 1 suburbanite bicycle, 1 games bicycle, 1 rough terrain bicycle. A portion of the well known Yezdi bicycles in India incorporates Yezdi Roadster, Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Scrambler. As of January 2022, Yezdi has a sum of 164 showrooms spread across 133 urban communities in India.


Yezdi India’s setup acquires a similar motor from the Jawa Perak, yet with an alternate condition of tune. This implies they will be fueled by a 334cc, single-chamber, fluid cooled DOHC motor that produces 30.64 bhp of force and 30Nm of pinnacle force. We have taken the Jawa for a considerable length of time rides and were powerfully dazzled with the motor. It has a great low-end force and a punchy mid-range in which you can journey the entire day with no trace of weight on the motor. The clincher is the fluid cooling that guarantees the motor is having at its ideal fever.

India Lineup 

1. Yezdi Roadster

To begin with, we have the most basic of part, which is the Yezdi Roadster. It has a few cruiser styling pieces and most certainly looks like it. With the backrest being a default embellishment, it is destined to be an agreeable mile muncher for both the rider and the pillion.


The Yezdi Roadster gets the neo-retro part of the plan right on target. It gets different windscreen choices, a tear-drop moulded gas tank, wide and agreeable seats, wide handlebars, and split seats with a backrest for the pillion. One glance at the bicycle, and regardless of the producer, it is to the point of understanding that this bike implies business, and it will take you to the length and broadness of the country in solace. It might have the least ground leeway of the three with 175mm yet at the same time is adequate to handle our Indian streets.


The Roadster gets adjustable forks with 135mm of movement at the front and a gas-accused double back shock of 100mm of movement. The back shocks can be adapted to preload. It additionally gets LED lights, a completely advanced instrument console, fluid cooling, and amalgam wheels. This is the main Yezdi that gets compound wheels that are 18-inch at the front and 17-inch at the back. It gets plates at the two finishes and has double channel ABS.


Variant ColourEx-Showroom (Lakhs)
Roadster DarkSmoke Grey Rs.1.98
Roadster DarkSteel Green Rs. 2.02
Roadster DarkHunter Green Rs. 2.02
Roadster Chrome Galant Grey Rs. 2.06
Roadster ChromeSin Silver Rs. 2.06

2. Yezdi Scrambler

Next up is presumably the main bicycle of the part, the Yezdi Scrambler. This is the main bicycle because the Yezdi Scrambler is the primary scrambler themed bicycle created and made in India. We are generally eager to swing our legs over this mean machine and investigate it without limit.


Yezdi has hit the pinpoint centre with regards to the bicycle’s plan. The ribbed single-seat design is a flying snout-like bumper that is mounted higher up underneath the front lamp while the back bumper is short and negligible. The insignificant plan reaches out to different pieces of the bicycle with round headlamps, a high raised handlebar, a minuscule windscreen over the headlamp, knuckle monitors, double depletes, roundabout moulded back view mirrors and a 12.5-litre gas tank. Consistent with the Scrambler nature, it gets an effortless 200mm of ground freedom.


The Scrambler variation isn’t all show and off-limits since it gets the legitimate equipment to help its looks and henceforth carries out its responsibility as a scrambler with style. It gets adaptive forks with 150mm of movement at the front and gas-accused twin shocks of 130mm of movement at the back. It gets a double support body designed to get hammered when you need it to and simultaneously stay created and move certainty while riding it out and about. This is the double reason bicycle that Indians have been sitting tight for, and it can improve from here. The Scrambler runs on 17-inch wheels at the back and 19-inch wheels at the front, which assists it with vanquishing those rough terrain territories effortlessly. It likewise gets double channel ABS with various modes: Road, Off-Road and Rain. To wrap things up, it gets spoked wheels that not just assist to finish the retro scrambler configuration yet can likewise deal with some genuine rough terrain slamming.


Variant ColourEx-Showroom (Lakhs)
Yezdi ScramblerFire Orange Rs. 2.05
Yezdi ScramblerYelling Yellow Rs. 2.07
Yezdi ScramblerOutlaw Olive Rs. 2.07
Yezdi ScramblerRebel Red Rs. 2.11
Yezdi ScramblerMean Green Rs. 2.11
Yezdi ScramblerMidnight Blue Rs. 2.11

3. Yezdi Adventure

The Yezdi Scrambler may be the main bicycle of the three, however, the Yezdi Adventure is the one that numerous devotees are sitting tight for anxiously. Since the time the send-off of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, our nation has gone wild and has gotten a wonderful taste of the experience classification. So presently, very much like SUVs, quite a few experience cruisers isn’t sufficient, and we can expect somewhere around one model from each maker inside a couple of years.


One glance at the Yezdi Adventure, and anyone can confuse it with the Himalayan. We don’t fault Yezdi for that since it’s the most secure methodology in planning a rough terrain experience bike, and whether or not it is duplicated, it hits the right harmonies. The plan is insignificant and has a tough look which shows that it is certain to take on anything you toss at it. The round headlamp has a mouth just beneath it, a tall windscreen, split seats, a huge gas tank, watch for the knuckle, gas tank, motor and a high raised handlebar. The Yezdi Adventure is the main bicycle here that has a solitary upswept exhaust on one side. It even has talked wheels to finish the plan of a bad-to-the-bone wilderness romper that is prepared to overcome each territory.


It gets a similar motor as different bikes in Yezdi India’s arrangement, however, Yezdi says that the tuning is different to suit the bicycle’s personality, and we trust it doesn’t disillusion us (taking a gander at you, KTM). It gets a merited 21-inch talked wheel at the front, while the back gets a 17-inch talked wheel. It is the main bicycle that gets an LCD console with standard functionalities alongside an ABS mode marker and a stuff position pointer. The LCD can be shifted to suit the rider, which is a slick touch. The Yezdi Adventure has a Bluetooth network and turns by turn route as standard. It has snares and mounts for mounting your gear or panniers, and it likewise gets mounts at the front for jerry jars, which additionally goes about as security for the gas tank and motor. The suspension obligations are continued by adaptive forks with a monstrous 200mm of movement at the front and a mono-shock suspension with 180mm of movement at the back. If this rundown doesn’t exactly measure up for your rough terrain necessity, we don’t know what else will.


Variant ColourEx-Showroom (Lakhs)
Yezdi AdventureSlick Silver Rs. 2.10
Yezdi AdventureMambo Black Rs. 2.12
Yezdi AdventureRanger Camo Rs. 2.19


  • The Yezdi Roadster’s essential objective will be the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, while it is conceivable that on the off chance that the Roadster sells well, it might eat into the deals of the Classic 350 too. The Meteor 350 is the main bicycle in the market with a roadster plan and custom for visiting with all the gear and elements it gets.
  • At this point, there are no immediate rivals in this portion of India. The Honda CB350 RS approaches the Scrambler domain, yet on a fundamental level, it is to a greater extent a cruiser as opposed to a scrambler. Its fundamental adversary will be the Royal Enfield’s Scram 411, which is not far off. Till then, at that point, to possess a solitary bicycle for each design, be it for visiting, city drives, going 4×4 romping and partially, even corner-cutting, then, at that point, the Yezdi Scrambler will be glad to make it happen, no inquiries posed.
  • Without the slightest hesitation, we can agree that the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the foe of the Yezdi Adventure, and it is valid both in work just as looks. Aside from the Himalayan, you have the Hero Xpulse 200, KTM Adventure 250 and 390, and the BMW G310 GS. At this moment, the Adventure classification in India is separated into two divisions. The Himalayan and the Xpluse on one side, where these bicycles are fit for bad-to-the-bone going mud romping yet are not appropriate for thruway visiting, while on the opposite end, you have the KTM Adventure series and the Beemer, which are extraordinary on roadways yet must be called as delicate roaders as they are not appropriate for bad-to-the-bone going mud romping. We accept bicycles like the Yezdi Adventure will overcome any issues between them with satisfactory power for visiting while at the same time having the pack to go anyplace the heart chooses to. Is the Yezdi Adventure all that it claims? We should delay until we swing our legs over it.

Yezdi India has done something extraordinary for itself with regards to the looks, the plan and determinations on paper, yet will it move this exhibition out, in reality, is something we should stand by and watch. If the equipment of every one of these bicycles measures up to the assumptions, Yezdi can appear on the highest point of the business diagrams in a couple of months.

This, as indicated by us, is the correct approach to restoring failed to remember legends: keeping the outdated plan joined with present-day gear and presto, you have the ideal blend. We like the plan, the particulars and above all, the choice that Yezdi India took to conclude the class they are being presented in.

Since you have seen every one of the three models of Yezdi India’s arrangement, how treat contemplate every one of them and assume that given a possibility which would be your weapon of decision and why?

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