XUV 700 Pride Of Mahindra !!!

A New Era of Excellence

With its Sci-Fi Technology, Spirited Performance and World-Class Safety, this powerhouse of an SUV is obsessively engineered to dial-up adrenaline like never before.

01. Integrated Dual HD Superscreen

Eye-catching visuals, uninterrupted excitement – powered by AdrenoX. Say hello to an integrated dual-screen display sporting a 26.03 cm (10.25 inch) infotainment and a 26.03 cm (10.25 inch) digital cluster.

02. Built-in Alexa Integration

Say hello to India’s first vehicle with Alexa Built-in. An AdrenoX-powered intelligent companion that responds intuitively to your voice.

03. Immersive 3D Sound Technology

Surround sounds so immersive that you might think you’re in a live concert. A first-in-class 3D sound system with 12 speakers powered by AdrenoX.

04. Driver Drowsiness Detection

Keeps you awake for every rush, the AdrenoX Powered XUV700 detects your drowsiness and sends you a vibration alert on your steering.

05. Intuitive Drive Modes

AdrenoX knows one drive mode does not fit all, that’s why it gives you four. ZIP, ZAP, ZOOM and CUSTOM.

06. AdrenoX Connect App

Intelligent technology is at your fingertips with the AdrenoX Connect app. All, with just a few taps of your phone screen.


  1. MX Diesel(Diesel) (Base Model)

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.12,49,000

RTO Rs.1,62,370

Insurance Rs.76,295

Others Rs.12,490

On-Road Price in New Delhi : Rs.15,00,150

2. MX(Petrol) (Base Model)

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.11,99,000

RTO Rs.1,19,900

Insurance Rs.74,366

Others Rs.11,990

On-Road Price in New Delhi : Rs.14,05,256*

3. AX3(Petrol)

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.1,399,000

RTO Rs.1,39,900

Insurance Rs.82,079

Others Rs.13,990

On-Road Price in New Delhi : Rs.16,34,969*

4. AX5(Petrol) (Top Model)

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.1,499,000

RTO Rs.1,49,900

Insurance Rs.85,935

Others Rs.14,990

On-Road Price in New Delhi : Rs.17,49,825*

Moreover The XUV 700 comes with many features which are listed below:

  1. ADAS Adaptive Cruise Control
  2. Automatic LED Headlamps
  3. Driver drowsiness alert
  4. 18 inch alloys wheels
  5. Best in segment mHawk and mStallion engines
  6. Best in segment 7 Airbags

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