Why is Maruti Suzuki the first choice of Indians??

Currently, the first brand that comes to mind of a middle-class man when he goes into the market to buy a car is a Maruti Suzuki. But why always Maruti Suzuki and not other brands which are offering much more safety and a lot more features than Maruti Suzuki.  For instance, Honda is Playing the environment safe card, Toyota is the other word for reliability, Skoda means luxury, Tata Motors means top-notch safety, Ford was famous for its driving dynamics. Then why has Maruti Suzuki captured more than 40% of the total Indian Automobile Market.

Keep reading and let’s find out the USP of Maruti Suzuki.


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Maruti Udyog Limited was founded by the Government of India on 24 Feb 1981 with Suzuki Motor Corporation as a minor partner, only to become the formal JV partner and license holder of Suzuki in August 2021. The first manufacturing factory of Maruti was established in Gurugram, Haryana, in the same year. 

1. Value for Money Vehicles

This is one of the primary reasons why an Indian Consumer buys a Maruti Suzuki Car. Ever since Maruti 800 was launched Maruti Suzuki has been designing their pricing strategy in such a way that no one feels any hesitation to spend that much amount on a car. With cars like Maruti Celerio, Baleno, Swift, WagonR, Maruti Suzuki has been selling the dream of buying a car that every family has. And Kudos to them it has been successfully selling cars for almost 4 decades now.

2. Fuel Economy

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Maruti Suzuki cars are known to be fuel-efficient and with the introduction of new engines such as the K-Series and SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System) these numbers are going up. Even on cars like Brezza, Ciaz, S-Cross one can get a fuel economy of 19-20 km. But one must know that Maruti Suzuki can achieve such high figures in Fuel Economy by just making the vehicle lighter and lighter in weight.
Thus to achieve more fuel economy one has to simply compromise on safety.

3. Reliability

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Let’s just count the number of Maruti 800 or Omni on Indian Roads today. One can simply see either of the cars on the roads in day-to-day life and that too those vehicles would be more than 15-20 years old and still their engines would be in a perfect condition and running smoothly.
With this kind of efficiency, one can easily own a Maruti Car for more than 10 years without any major mechanical work except for the wear and tear parts such as brakes, suspension etc.

4. Consumer Centred Service

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most consumer centred automobile manufacturers today. Right on the beginning when you buy a Maruti Car till the end of it Maruti Suzuki ensures you a hassle-free experience. One can surely find a similar kind of experience across all Maruti Suzuki dealerships and service centres across India. This is because Maruti Suzuki has been working very hard on training their employees and dealers to provide a better service every time you visit Maruti Suzuki Dealership.

5. Magnificient Sales Network

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Maruti Suzuki has one of the best sale networks across India. You will surely find a Maruti Suzuki Dealership or Service Centre in every part of your state and even in remotely accessible areas where one can never expect to see a Car Showroom. And with this Maruti Suzuki is making sure that they can sell their cars even in remote areas as well.

6. Great Resale Value

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The Indian Consumer before buying a car always think of its resale value so that he does not face a huge loss while selling it. And Maruti Suzuki Cars retain their value very well. Maruti Suzuki cars are the most famous and affordable ones even in the second-hand market.
Majorly because of its engine reliability, fuel economy and low cost of repair and service.

7. Massive Discounts

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Maruti Suzuki is not only the leading manufacturer in the Automobile Market but also they provide huge discounts on their prices as compared to other Automobile Manufacturers such as Festive Season Discount, Corporate Offer, Free goodies, Cash Discount etc., Thus satisfying the consumer when he buys a car.

8. S-CNG Factory fitted CNG Kits

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Ever since Maruti Suzuki cars like Celerio, Swift DZire, WagonR, Eeco, Ertiga gained popularity in the cab market, Maruti Suzuki has been giving the option of Factory fitted CNG Kit in their cars too thus making it much more fuel-efficient and more economical on their pocket. This shows that Maruti Suzuki is working on the demands of the consumer and even trying a lot to fulfil them.


With rising income levels the cheap car’s tag will not be such an important one, besides when the competition would provide cars for the mainstream market there is a very big risk that consumers would shift over to the more fashionable manufacturers than sticking with Maruti Suzuki, even if the competition and Maruti Suzuki cars are from different segments. God help Maruti if the competition produces cars of the same segment at about the same price of cars from Maruti and trust me this may no longer be impossible. The other manufacturers are improving their service network and increasing the number of dealerships throughout the country to a very acceptable number that this too should not be a very big problem.
Most importantly many from the next generation aren’t particularly looking forward to a Maruti car with the same interest as for some of the other manufacturers. The most common complaint against Maruti cars is that Build quality has not reached the level of these Manufacturers

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