Why are Maruti Cars Unsafe ?

Maruti Suzuki Is One Of The Oldest Car Manufacturing Companies In India. Maruti Suzuki Is Leading Brand In Automobile Sector. They Are The Most trusted and affordable car manufacturer.

But when it comes to safety Maruti Suzuki lacks a lot be it their lowest segment or the premium segment cars.

Although they offer quite a lot of safety features such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD), Airbags, Parking Sensors, Reverse Camera and what not but one must always keep in mind what about the build quality.

Although Maruti Suzuki Cars offer great mileage, more ride comfort as compared to other automobile brands but one must always think about safety first.

Maruti Suzuki is a leading brand in the automobile industry but has never focused on passenger safety. Maruti Suzuki markets their products as though it is the solitary maker on the planet that thinks about augmenting efficiency. To accomplish this, they compromise on build quality. They make lighter cars that have no material strength or safety provisions.

A standard Maruti Suzuki variant does not have adequate airbags, you should dish out a premium to get safety features that are available in every base variant in western countries.

That’s a sad state of affairs in India though, where income levels are low, people do not care about build quality or occupants’ safety while making their auto purchases.

The shoddy vehicles which Maruti Suzuki can sell in India will not be certified for commercial sales in first world countries. The only reason why it has the largest market share in India is that the Indian government stokes nationalistic, protectionist strategies to shield local manufacturers from foreign competitors by slapping 60–100% import duties on them.

If foreign carmakers were allowed entry into the Indian market at a level playing field, Maruti Suzuki would lose large chunks of its market to superior carmakers. Maruti largely depends on the entry-level customers who want a car at a very low price and give the best mileage. So obviously they keep that level of safety. There is a government regulator for the emission, safety, min features in the cars, and Maruti follows it. If not, Maruti would have not been allowed to sell. Not at all. Suzuki cars are probably one of the worst performers in terms of safety. I can safely say this for most of the Suzuki cars have available now in the Indian market. All of the safety features provided by Suzuki seem effective, but only on the papers. When it comes to the road reality, I will say these features are helpless. The structural integrity of Suzuki cars gets heavily affected in accidents. There is no use of airbags if the if side door is going to come crashing onto your rib cage. Or maybe even head for that matter.

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