Where to place Subwoofer in Car?

If you are a car enthusiast and music lover then you must be having a subwoofer installed in your car for an optimum sound experience. But have you placed it correctly in your car, most audio lovers place their subwoofer in the trunk but there can be many places to install the subwoofer to elevate the sound. 

Here are a few tips to increase the sound experience

1. Trunk

Now the trunk of the car is always the first place that comes in everyone’s mind when installing a large subwoofer and it is the best one also. The boot space is used by everyone, but it’s not every time you will be needing all the space and hence placing a big subwoofer does make sense. But the main thing you need to remember while placing the subwoofer in the trunk is the speaker’s position. Ideally, you will get the best output in the car when the speakers are facing towards the back and not towards the front or while facing upwards.
The disadvantage of this position is that it takes up boot space, and if you have other items in your boot, they might damage the subwoofer when they move around while driving.

2. Rear Seat

This is the most underrated position when it comes to installing a subwoofer as it is a very tedious process but once it is installed it gives a better sound distribution and outstanding bass production. The subwoofer can be placed either towards the floor of the car or towards the seats if it is compatible. In this case, the advantage is clear that you will get a great sound experience but it will be uncomfortable for the rear seat passengers as they will feel the maximum bass.

3. Front of the Car / Inside Dashboard

If the front seat passengers are music lovers then this is the optimum place for it. Though aftermarket fitment in the dashboard is not recommended if placed the sound output here would be more precise and the bass output will also be smoother.

4. Under the Front Seats

This is the best place if you need soothing bass instead of high levels, you can place one under seat woofer of 8 inches which is way smaller than the large one placed in the trunk but if you need the fire bass then you can install 2 under seat woofer beneath the front two seats.

This is primarily because of the positioning of the subwoofer, and since it is almost at the centre of the length of the car, it provides the same effect throughout the car. Accompanying this with the standard door speakers offered by the manufacturer or you can install a new set of speakers and it will sound much better. 

 The major advantage here is that it will cost you a little less than one large subwoofer 

So we would advise you to choose the right kind of subwoofer first as not all of them want to bang their heads to the steering wheel, and not all of them want to listen to slow music at low volume all day long. Either way, it is better to research the right subwoofer that suits you and then decide the placement of it. Which do you think is the perfect place for the subwoofer? Let us know in the comments section below.


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