What are the legal modifications which I can do in my car?

You can modify the whole interior of your car without and there will be no issues in that but one needs to make sure that if your car is under warranty then make sure that no wire cut take place because in that case if anything happens to your car then the registered service centre will not help you and you would be stranded or else you will have to get it repaired at your own cost.

Are the modifications Safe?

Well-chosen modifications can improve a vehicle’s braking and handling, but safety can be compromised with improper installation or poor quality parts. Chassis and suspensions are designed as an integrated system for reliability and safety, and random modification may disrupt that system.

Lifting the suspension to clear large tires is a popular modification for 4WD trucks, but will result in a higher center of gravity and compromised stability, even at low speeds.

Plus-sizing wheels and tires can severely alter a vehicle’s handling and braking force to stop, which can adversely affect the suspension dynamics. Thin sidewall tires may not meet load ratings for some large trucks and SUVs.

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