Top Reasons Why Yamaha MT15 Is An Excellent Daily Commuter Bike

Well, if we talk about the round ratio on Yamaha MT-15, then, of course, its higher price tag has affected its sales in the previous year. Many sources like rush lane are also claiming the new launch of Yamaha MT15 in 2022, as expected. That quite shocking to see that a popular and featured rich Yamaha MT 15 Model with high sales just marked up to 17 units in Jan 2022. No one can deny recent months have seen Yamaha’s premium motorcycles annihilate the competition. The astonishing sales success of Yamaha’s 155cc series in the Philippines proves that the company is putting the pedal to the metal in the country.

Its features and specifications are amazing, and it became the most popular bike among youth from the last one year. To know about all the specifications and features in details you can check out the Yamaha MT15 at Droom and discover more. For many years, Yamaha has been selling this motorcycle, and it is a popular choice for both commuters and motorcycle enthusiasts. There are several reasons why the Yamaha MT-15 Model is a great daily commuter motorbike. We’ll go over a few of them in our review of the bike from Yamaha’s Master of Torque model series, the MT-15.

Reasons to Invest in Yamaha MT15 in 2022

It’s an MT-15 Yamaha Headlamp

When you first see the Yamaha MT15, it’s easy to mistake it for one of Yamaha’s larger motorcycles. The MT-15 emanates a premium appearance because of its muscular stance, angular bodywork, and fully integrated LED lighting. Yamaha’s usual exceptional fit and quality are also evident on this bike.

Master of Torque motorcycles exhibit a remarkable resemblance to the Japanese manufacturer’s other models in terms of appearance. It is a great first bike for anyone looking to go up the displacement ladder within the Yamaha brand. Moreover, it fits nicely in Yamaha’s premium street bike portfolio.

The Engine That’s a Lot of Fun to Drive

For many years, Yamaha has been the unchallenged leader in the premium, entry-level motorcycle category thanks to its class-leading 155cc engine. The single-cylinder, MT-15’s 155cc, liquid-cooled engine may be found in a large number of Yamaha bikes. A high-tech, compact motor is built using Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation technology. Fuel efficiency is improved at low RPM while performance is increased in the higher RPM range, allowing the engine to produce a peak power output of 19 horsepower.

Features That Are Beyond Expectations

This entry-level Yamaha MT-15 street bike is widely credited with raising the bar for high-quality entry-level street bikes in the local market. Premium features such as a digital LCD instrument panel, a complete set of LED headlight on the front and rear, and exceptional suspension and braking components are among the highlights of the car.

As soon as you put your leg on the bike, you can tell that Yamaha has put a lot of time and effort into making it fit and finish flawlessly. Overall, this machine exudes the kind of quality that was previously reserved for more expensive, high-displacement machines of a higher price range.”

Chassis with a Low Weight

The ease of use and overall comfort of a bike for daily commuting are two of the most important factors to consider. The manufacturer used the YZF-R15 sport bike’s chassis to develop the MT-15, thanks to Yamaha. If you’re looking for an agile, fun-to-ride commuter, the Yamaha MT-15 is just what you need.

The 138 kg curb weight of MT 15 contributes to a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience. With its powerful inverted forks, front and rear disc brakes, and lightweight, robust frame, the MT-15 is a solid all-around performer in nearly every category.

The Final Verdict

A starting price of Rs. 159,000 for the Yamaha MT-15 is the most recent example, and no one can argue that it is expensive. On the other hand, when you consider how much high-end equipment Yamaha has jammed into this bike, it seems to provide excellent value for money. Ice Fluo, Matte Blue, and Tech Black are the three colours available for the MT-15 for paint schemes. To cater to a broad spectrum of riders, the MT-15 has a choice of design options. With the Yamaha MT15 price at its best, you can expect the best.

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