Standard Safety Features Being Offered In Every Car

We have seen a sudden rise in customers preferring safer cars than feature-rich ones. It is necessary also as features won’t save us in case of a crash, the safety features will. Therefore, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it mandatory for all new cars launched after the 1st of April 2021 to have dual front airbags.
This is only the beginning as the government are actively looking to improve road safety in INDIA.

Let us have a look at the Mandatory Safety Features

1. Dual Front Airbags

The primary contact in a mishap is the airbag. Furthermore due to the refreshed BNVSAP standards, presently double airbags come as a standard fit in the vast majority of the vehicles sold in India. Indeed, this likewise implies, even the base variations of certain vehicles accompany somewhere around two front airbags. Airbags, assist with lessening the effect and save the inhabitants from genuine wounds.

2. ABS & EBD

Continuing to electronic guide, presently ABS and EBD both are commanded in every one of the advanced vehicles sold in India. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue, ABS represents Anti Lock Braking System. ABS assists with abstaining from sliding tyres under hard yapping and lessens halting distance on wet or gravelly streets. Then, EBD represents Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. When turning, this element similarly conveys the slowing down power on every one of the 4 wheels as per the power following up on the singular wheel.

3. Hill Hold Control

This is the sort of thing that is standard in many vehicles with the programmed transmission, this incites, AMT as well. In any case, when it comes o mid-range vehicles, even the vehicles with manual transmission are spoiled with slope hold control. Slope hold control permits the vehicle to easily push ahead when remaining on slants. This implies the vehicles having slope hold control, don’t move back when beginning on slants.

4. Rear Parking Sensors

These sensors not just assist a driver while leaving a vehicle yet additionally guarantee the wellbeing of the people on foot that may be in danger while turning around the vehicle. These sensors sense any hindrance and appropriately caution the driver, contingent on the distance between the vehicle and the obstruction.

5. Pre – Tensioner Seat Belts

As the name recommends, this component controls the safety belt in case of abrupt slowing down or crash, which keeps the development of the tenants from limiting them to the seat. Fortunately, the vast majority of the vehicles in India come furnished with safety belt pre-tensioners.

6. Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock

In the wake of achieving a specific speed, the entryways of the vehicle lock naturally guarantee the wellbeing of the tenants. BNVSAP has made it required for vehicles to have a speed-detecting caution, however, the programmed entryway lock has not been made compulsory. Thus, to guarantee wellbeing, do ensure that the vehicle you intend to purchase has a speed detecting entryway lock.

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