Sedan or SUV, Which one should be your next?

Hey, MotorGeeks are you planning to buy a new car this year or maybe next year, then you must be confused about which segment to go for as there are multiple options available in the Indian Automobile Market today giving a head to head competition to each other.
Today the hatchback segment cars just don’t seem to please everyone’s mind as it has very little to offer and at a very high price so every potential buyer gives it a thought that just by increasing the budget 10-20% you can own a better segment car be it an SUV or a Sedan.
Buying an SUV or a Sedan is a highly debatable topic as there is a buffet of cars in both the segment each of them offering something new.

Sedans have been ruling the roads even before SUVs were born but there was just one con of owning a sedan i.e., Low Ground Clearance and with the entry of the SUV segment in the Automobile Market the market share of Sedans have seen a significant decline. Despite this Sedan, manufacturers are working continuously to add more and more features to the cars.

Difference between a Sedan and an SUV

1. Space

Space is the first thing to consider while buying a car as Sedans are offering much more space between the rows because of their longer wheelbase and that too in the same price bracket of a Compact SUV and a Hatchback. We do not deny the fact that Compact SUVs offer a good amount of headroom because of their height and tall boy design, but where they lack on is comfort and space as the majority of SUVs owners tend to experience body roll while cruising due to the high ground clearance which is not the case in a Sedan.

2. Luxury

No other segment car can beat the level of luxury and comfort offered by a Sedan and this is because of the softly tuned suspension and low ground clearance. So as long as the roads are good like that of highways and metro cities there is nothing that can compete with the level of comfort offered by Sedans.

3. Performance

Now, this also favours the Sedan due to its low centre of gravity the car is more planted not only during aggressive speeds in corners but also during spirited highway runs. The low ground clearance makes all this go smoothly as compared to the bulky SUVs which offer a lot of body roll.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Today this is the first thing to look for as fuel prices are shooting up and here we have sedans that are offering much more fuel efficiency as compared to a hatchback and an SUV. Now you see SUVs cannot deliver good mileage because of their height, bigger engine and lot of weight that the engine has to move with.

5. Boot Space

Now if we compare the Sedans and SUVs of the luxury segment then the competition is tough and the debate is inevitable, but if we compare the Sedans and SUVs segment below 25lakh then we have a clear winner i.e, Sedan because it offers much more or equal boot space as compared to an SUV and you can get this at a very low price.

6. Safety

The sedan tends to be a safer option than an SUV. The reason is the closed boot space in a sedan where you can easily store your valuables. The SUV is more of an open vehicle with big windows and a windshield. So whatever belongings that you store in the SUV will be easily visible from the outside which further creates a sense of insecurity among occupants. Furthermore, SUVs have an advantage over low-slung sedans. They have a better water wading capability over flooded streets. This is because they have their air intakes and exhausts located at a slightly higher level than that of a sedan.

Final Verdict

We can see that the SUV outshines a sedan in many aspects, most of which are very crucial to Indian customers. An SUV is more practical with a better ride quality, higher ground clearance, and more space in comparison to a sedan. The sedan gives you a cosier drive than an SUV. It sits quite close to the ground which further gives a sporty appeal. Also, their great aerodynamics helps them to stick to the surface of the road. A sedan offers better mileage than an SUV.

Of course, higher ground clearance is important but come on, we’re 100% sure that the places you want to visit even in other states have pretty good roads especially with the Government pushing to build better roads throughout India. And, everybody knows how much off-roading one does after spending buck loads of money on a 4×4 SUV. We’re not telling it’s useless but we know an average person uses it less.
Last but not the least, it boils down to one’s requirements and budget. What we provide in articles like these are only opinions and choosing between them is always in your hands. We understand that you’re investing a whole lot of money while buying a new car and that’s the reason we wanna make sure you don’t regret buying it. After you list out the requirements and finalize it between 2 or 3 cars that checks all your boxes, then between them always listen to your heart and not the brain.

Thank You, Readers

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