Must have Safe and Secure Car Accessories

Today cars have become more than just a mode of transport it has become an essential part of life. This is the reason why we care about our cars and treat them like our children. And apart from taking care of our children, we ensure that they are safe and sound.

Here are the must-have accessories that make your car safe and smart

1. Fog Lamps

Starting from the basic one, Fog lamps are one of the most required accessories in terms of safe driving as it gives an extra view of the road that headlights cannot. Though being a necessary requirement a majority of manufacturers still don’t offer fog lamps onboard entry-level variants of their best-selling models. This is the reason why the fog lamps are a must buy as they will not only increase the visibility of the roads during fog but also help you cruise through heavy rainfall and other adverse conditions quite easily, making them a worthy car accessory.

2. Dash Cam / Dashboard Camera

Now, this just adds an eye to your car while driving or even when it is parked. Let us suppose you have just pampered your baby with a new set of alloys or have installed a good music system, a dashboard camera is the smartest and safest option to keep an eye on as it will not only protect your car it will act as a boon in case of a mishap be it with your car or someone driving ahead. With a Dash Camera installed, you can be assured of not only a safer but also a more secure drive, making them one of the most wanted car accessories out there.

3. Tyre Pressure Gauge

This is the most ignored accessory by customers but it is very much important to have a tyre pressure gauge in your car. An under-inflated tyre usually generates more heat than usual, which can ultimately lead to tyre burst and excessive wear. Moreover, at high speeds, an under-inflated tyre can lead to catastrophic imbalances. Therefore having a tyre pressure gauge will make sure of a safe drive.

4. Tyre Inflator and Repair Accessories

Now tyres can go bad at any point in time while driving and finding a tyre repair shop is easy in cities but that is not the case on highways and expressways. Therefore in such cases having a tyre inflator onboard can ensure that you and your loved ones reach your destination safely. With a tyre inflator, you can also fix an under-inflated tyre, in addition, to temporarily inflating even a punctured tyre while you reach the nearest tyre repair shop.

5. Car Charger

Now having a 12V socket is common even in the base model cars but some people ignore it and do not buy a car charger but it is a useful accessory while driving as having a car charger will ensure that your phone battery never drains out and you can be in contact with your loved ones.

These were the must have accessories for you car . Do let me know in the comment section below if I missed something.

Thank You, Readers 🙂

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