Most Common Reported Problems in Tata Tiago

Today Tata Motors has emerged as one of the top carmakers in the Indian Automobile Market and it has helped them a lot to gain back their lost fame and respect in the market. When Tata launched Tiago back in 2016 it looked like a very promising one and was offering some serious packages at a price of fewer than 7 lakhs.

There have been quite a lot of changes to the Tiago giving it a facelift in 2020 and then silently Tata Motors deleted and added some cosmetical features in the year 2021. Although Tiago has got a BS6 update and has gone through rigorous R&D before its facelift launch you see car ownership and car problems go hand in hand. There are very minimal chances of someone not having problems in their car and here Tata Tiago is no exception.

Here are the most commonly reported problems in Tata Tiago

1. Cabin Noise

Although Tiago offers a decent power at such a price it is a Three-Cylinder Engine that is known for noise and vibrations and these cannot be overcome until proper R&D is done or else till then you can use Fully Synthetic Engine Oil but the catch here is it is expensive than Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil and prolonged use can result in more vibrations and noise.

2. Faulty Power Windows

At the service centres, customers often complain about power windows not working this is because of the failing power window scissor cutter. Although the motor is working perfectly fine it is the issue with the wiring that causes such problems. But the update has given the cure to this problem.

3. Low – Speed Jerking

Many owners complained that at low speeds the car was giving an unusual jerk as if something was choking the engine and preventing it from delivering the power. After some research, it was concluded that the fuel pump is faulty.
On interacting with customers, they said that this happens when the fuel level drops down to below half. Either you can keep the fuel level more than half to not face this issue, which is not at all feasible. On the other hand, you can also get it replaced (recommended). Besides Tata did offer to replace all the faulty fuel pumps free of cost. Besides, the BS6 Tata Tiago doesn’t even have the problem.

4. Body Rusting

Now this means that the factory paint is not up to the mark and it seems like Tata has only done the Research on how to score well in the Global NCAP Crash. Customers have reported rusting outside the fuel filling cap and a layer of rust under the wheels. To the disappointment, this cannot be repaired and it has to be repainted.

5. Fading Plastic Parts

If the external plastic parts are fading, it is a fairly common problem with cars having plastic cladding. But if they are fading just after 1 year, that’s a huge problem. Cars that are exposed to the sunlight a lot usually face this issue. Yet again it has to be repainted to overcome the issue. That said, it sure looks ugly when a well-maintained car has a grey bumper instead of black.

6. Laggy Infotainment System

This is the most important thing besides the engine as it keeps the passengers entertained and busy. But what if you play a song and the infotainment system does not play it. This is exactly what the infotainment system does. For whatever reason, the infotainment screen starts to lag and is super annoying.

7. Low Mileage in AMT Gearbox

Tiago coming with the AMT Gearbox option makes it a perfect buy for city drives, but if it does not give a good mileage then it is of no use. Though AMT certainly tends to give low mileage as compared to Manual Gearbox a huge gap in the mileage of both the gearbox is a matter of concern. 

 The mileage claimed by ARAI for both AMT and MT is 20km/L. But the mileage delivered by the Tiago with AMT is quite depressing. ‘

Do let us know in the comment section below if we missed something. 

The data in this article is based on customer feedback and is devoid of any malice, bias or hatred towards Tata Motors. However, we would like to make it clear that none of the articles on this platform are or NEVER will be paid or sponsored.

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