Is it risky to modify a car?

Currently, car customization is a booming business in India. Consumers are spending lakhs of rupees to modify their cars and make them look different be it alloys, body colour, wrap, sound, interior or suspension.

But one always needs to keep in mind what modification is safe and will a certain modification be worthy enough.

Before getting further let us get to know some legal aspects of these modifications.

  1. Changing the colour of the car is very easy but what about getting it registered with a specific RTO?

           For changing the colour of your car you need to fill up a form in the RTO Office in which your car is registered mentioning the colour in which the car will be painted again and if it gets the approval then you can get it painted and after that RTO Officer will inspect the car and take your previous Registration Card(RC) and issue a new one mentioning the details. For some parts of India, it is a hassle-free process but for some, it will take months for approval. So what are some other options ??

If you don’t care about RTO then you can get it painted in your favourite colour or else go for a body wrap or get it painted in peelable paint. 

A decent Wrap will cost you anywhere between 15000 – 25000 and the cost of peelable paint comes around 40000-50000 in a good and decent workshop.

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