Installing CNG Kit in your Car in 2021! Keep these things in mind

Today fuel prices have touched the century and are not going down anytime soon and many have shifted to natural fuel options considering the pollution in metro cities and on top of that green fuels such as Electric and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) are much cheaper than fossils.

While Petrol in Delhi is at Rs. 104 per litre and Diesel is at Rs. 89 per litre while the CNG is at Rs.52 per kg, now you see there is a 50% difference in the cost and CNG is providing mileage more than a diesel engine in city-run.
A CNG kit will not only make your car environment-friendly but also enhance its performance in a significant way. The use of CNG as fuel in your car will improve the mileage of your car and help you save an average cost of Rs.3 to Rs.5 for each kilometre travelled.

Keep these factors in mind before installing a CNG Kit 

CNG not being safe is a myth. Now through several years, the technology to run petrol cars on CNG has become safe as well as more efficient.CNG kits are getting more and more popular due to the gradual increase in the prices of diesel and petrol. CNG on average will cost around Rs.50/Kg which is way less as compared to the fossils. Running your car on petrol and CNG have their pros and cons.
Due to the success of Retro Fit CNG Kits many automobile manufacturers have started to manufacture their cars with CNG Option and buying a Company Fitted CNG Kit car is considered as a much safe and secure option as the car has gone through every test and cherry on the cake is the Vehicle Manufacturer Warranty is intact.


There are several parameters to consider before announcing the final verdict.

1. Performance

Now here Petrol is the undeclared winner as a dry gas cannot match the power level of wet fuel.

2. Economy

Since petrol is costing more than a century today CNG is considered a cheap option also providing more economical as compared to petrol. Although the life of CNG and Petrol Engine is comparatively the same and this solely depends on the timely service and use of genuine spares in your car. If we do the math and consider all the factors CNG is about Rs. 4-5 per km cheaper than Petrol.

3. Emissions

Although CNG produces harmful greenhouse gases as compared to Petrol is emits 80% less harmful gases unlike Petrol which emits gases like Nox and Cox.

4. Convenience

Though CNG comes with good mileage it has drawbacks of its own. Reduced boot space is one of them and CNG is not easily available in remote areas. Also, its Retro Fitting affects the vehicle dynamics a lot.

5. Safety

Although CNG is a safe option but not as much as Petrol as in Retro Fitting the chances of leakage and fire are more than that of Company Fitted.

Install a CNG Kit or Buy a Company Fitted CNG Car

The two types of CNG equipment available in the market are Retro Fitment or Factory Fitted

Retro Fitment of CNG Kit 

  • Any Car running on Petrol can be fitted with CNG Kit and can run smoothly on CNG.
  • The Retro Kits available in the market are universal and can be installed in any car depending on the customer’s budget which eventually results in being less safe.
  • The cost of Factory Fitted CNG Vehicle is low than that of Retro Fitting and buying a Factory Fitted CNG Car results in no-hassle and warranty is intact but on the contrary Retro Fitted kits is a more tiring job.

Factory Fitted CNG Kit

  • Today the automobile manufacturer is offering CNG in the majority of their hatchback and sedan segment cars.
  • These kits are specially designed and tested for the specific vehicle and cannot be installed in any other vehicle.
  • Factory fitted CNG Kits are considered safe as compared to other European brands in the market but buying a Factory Kit is next to an impossible job and it is more expensive as a whole package.
  • Due to the road and weather conditions Indians do not prefer to make their warranty void.

Advantages of using CNG

  • Unlike Fossils CNG has a more octane rating which means it has a high combustion temperature which results in good mileage.
  • In terms of combustion, the engine carries a better combustion process which results in cleaner exhaust emissions. Emissions are reduced by up to 80% as compared to cars running on other fuels.
  • Cars running on CNG have less NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) levels.
  • The overall running cost of the vehicle is considerably low.

Pre Installation Checks

  • One should check the authenticity of the place from where he is going to install the CNG Kit in the car.
  • All new components are being installed in the car and there are no wear and tear marks on them.
  • The CNG cylinder is Hydro Tested and there is no leakage.


Now the Retro Fitment of a CNG Kit is a tedious job and it requires to be done by professionals or under their guidance. 

Following are the components in a new kit:

  • Pressure Regulator
  • Gas/Air Mixer
  • CNG filling valve
  • High-pressure Line
  • CNG tank and valves
  • Petrol/CNG Selector switch
  • Manometer
  • Heating System
  • Emulator

Post Installation Care

  • After the installation of the CNG Kit, the job does not end here as there are specific guidelines for maintaining a vehicle running on CNG.
  • The grade of engine oil for CNG vehicles is different from other counterparts.
  • The vehicle engine is more prone to wear as there is no fluid inside the engine sot frequent engine checkup are necessary for increasing the life of the engine.
  • Running a car on CNG will hamper the performance of the vehicle negatively. So one has to be patient while driving one.
  • The Air Conditioner of the vehicle takes the drive from the engine which adds more load to it. CNG may or may not affect the cooling system of the vehicle.

Higher Cost of Insurance

As the maintenance and repair cost of CNG cars is higher than petrol or diesel cars, the insurance premium too is higher for these cars. Though CNG offers you a lower running cost, the insurance cost of the same should also be considered before getting a CNG kit for your car. The age of the car and the car model will also affect the cost of insurance. It is better to consult your vehicle insurer to know the actual insurance cost.

Final Verdict

Though both Retro and Company Fitted CNG is considered safe provided being tested timely and taken proper care of. But there are chances of leakage or tuning issues in retro fitment. So if your budget allows you to spend on buying a new vehicle that is company fitted then you can surely go for it else you get your car retrofitted but by a certified professional.
Here are the best mileage Company Fitted CNG Cars.

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