Diesel Cars Banned in Delhi | All You Need To Know 

The air quality in and around Delhi has long been questioned. As such, states have had to enact rules restricting the movement of vehicles on their streets. Regulations such as Diesel vehicles must be scrapped after 10 years and petrol vehicles after 15 years are in effect only to improve the AQI (Air Quality Index). Another popular rule is the even-odd rule.

However, by now the air in Delhi has deteriorated so badly that the state has decided to suspend the movement of all diesel vehicles until further notice. Here’s everything you need to know about the diesel driving ban in Delhi!

Why the Ban on Diesel Cars?

To prevent further deterioration of air quality due to adverse weather conditions, the GRAP Subcommittee decided to immediately enforce GRAP Category Level IV – “Severe +” throughout NCR. These restrictions are in addition to the restrictions referenced in GRAP Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III. Stage IV – ‘Severe+’ air quality will mainly focus on vehicle restrictions including commercial vehicle ingress into Delhi, diesel commercial vehicles for travel within Delhi and non-BS VI passenger vehicles in Delhi, LMV.

GRAP and the various agencies responsible for implementing actions under the NCR and DPCC Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) have also been advised to ensure that Level IV actions are implemented under GRAP during this period. increase. CAQM invites NCR citizens to cooperate in the implementation of GRAP and to follow the procedures outlined in the GRAP-based citizen charter. Children, the elderly and people with respiratory, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or other chronic diseases should avoid outdoor activities and stay indoors as much as possible.

Steps being taken to prevent Diesel Vehicles Entry in NCR 

Regarding the ban on the use of four-wheeled diesel LMVs in the Delhi National Capital Territory (NCT), officials said an all-India database could be accessed through the Vahan portal.

“The car will be turned back and if it manages to break in and drive around the streets of Delhi, it will be immediately seized,” he added.

Officials said the department can only enforce the ban manually.

“There is no mechanism to implement it through technology. The vehicle must be stopped and the details must enter into the Vahan portal. Only then is it a BS-VI vehicle or another vehicle I understand,” the official said.

Diesel Ban Permanent or Not?

This is not a permanent measure. The state has clarified that all movements of diesel vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region will be suspended until further notice. It will most likely start normally. The ban on diesel vehicles in Delhi should not be a permanent measure as it puts a lot of pressure on other modes of transport.

Apart from this diesel driving ban in Delhi, the government has also taken some precautionary measures. Children, the elderly and citizens with respiratory problems are advised to stay home as much as possible. Organizations have been asked to offer telecommuting wherever possible for some time.

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