Modes of autoShift in XUV 300/Mahindra’s Compact SUV /

XUV 300 is a subcompact SUV that comes from Mahindra & Mahindra. It is one of the safest cars for a price under 10 lakhs and also it is safer than the much boasted Tata Nexon also on the brighter side it is offering a lot more features than any other car in the Sub Compact SUV segment.
You name it and its there for you be it the Cruise Control, Sunroof ( no practicality), Dual Zone Climate Control, Electronically Powered Seats, Rear Wiper, Washer and Defogger, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Tyre Direction Indicator, Projector Headlamps, Different modes of Steering Wheel which can be adjusted according to one’s driving mood and whatnot.

But when a consumer plans to buy a low budget automatic car he/she has many things which bother a lot such as laggy gear shifts, slow acceleration, high NVH levels. So stay connected and keep reading. It will only increase your knowledge.

Now let’s talk about the Automatic Transmission (AMT) modes in the XUV 300


In this mode, the gears of your car shift automatically according to your speed and the strong point is that it does not feel jerky at all in between the gear shifts which allows the engine to deliver a good amount of power as compared to other AMT Cars in the market.


This feature helps the driver in such a manner that when one is driving in city traffic he/she just needs to release the foot from the brake pedal and the car will automatically start moving at a limited speed and this Advance Creep Function works with the reverse gear as well which helps one to park the vehicle easily or else one might lose his/her cool while parking the car or even driving it in bumper to bumper traffic.

Moreover, there is also a safety feature in which is hidden in this function i.e., Creep Disable on Door Opening. Let us suppose one opens the door of the car while the car is creeping then your XUV 300 will notice it and automatically apply the brakes to prevent any damage. This is a must-have feature in cars that are equipped with Automatic Transmission Gearboxes.


Now let us suppose that you are not a racing enthusiast and you like to drive your car slowly then what will happen is that the gearbox of your car will analyze the pattern of your driving and it will make the gearshift according to your driving pattern. For Example, If you are driving slowly then the gearbox will automatically change the gears faster to give you a fine driving experience and the cherry on the cake would be a better mileage. Or else if you are a driving enthusiast and for you more important is the performance from the engine then it will analyse that pattern and it will make your gearshifts at a higher rpm to give a perfect racing feel.


If your compare the design of other Automatic Transmission Cars with that of the XUV300 be it the Tata Tiago, Maruti Swift etc, in this situation it is a lot more different in this segment. In this gearbox you just need to tap the gear lever to shift from Neutral To Drive Mode, Drive Mode to Reverse Mode rather than other AMT’s in which you need to pull the gear lever to change the gears. Moreover, this unique design helps one to change the gears hassle-free and it is much more appealing. 


Suppose if you are driving at a speed higher than 5 Kmph (Kilometer Per Hour) and suddenly you tap it to reverse then in this case the gear shift won’t happen and similarly if you are in reverse gear and the speed is more than 5 KMPH then also the lockout function will work and won’t allow you to change the gear and to change the gears you will need to stop the car completely and only then you will be able to change the gears this will help in avoiding many incidents.


Basically while driving on highways usually at a high speed there is a slight chance that one may feel that car is getting out of control so in this case, the Electronic Stability Program comes into function and it under controls the braking, acceleration and suspensions of the car which helps you to drive without getting the fear of rollover or merging into other lanes of the road. In all this is a vital feature it increases one’s confidence while driving and also it enhances the safety of Autoshift also ESP is offered in the XUV 300 W6 Variant.


Let us suppose one is driving in traffic on hills or driving on you are approaching the bridge in traffic and you XUV 300 comes to a static position means you have completely stopped in most of the cases the car rolls back and you need to apply brakes to stop the car from getting rolled back but that is not the case in XUV 300 it holds its position and it helps you in climbing the bridge. This feature helps a lot to those who are new drivers as this helps them in climbing the hills and not getting rolled back.


Let us start with a simple example that you are accelerating at 50kmph and there is a need to down shift the gears so in the majority of the Automatic Transmission Cars(AMT) the gear slowing goes down from 5th to 4th and eventually to 3rd but that is not the case in XUV 300 the algorithm of the gearbox is designed in such a manner that if there is a sudden downshift then it will realise the need to downshift and will directly shift from 5th to 3rd only if there is a need to do so and so this will help in a smooth overtaking.


Driving the XUV 300 in manual mode gives a sudden adrenaline rush as it is very easy to drive it in manual mode and also the engine produces so much torque that one might never lack adrenaline. In many AMT cars while switching to manual mode is a bit bland as there is no proper algorithm for driving in manual mode whereas in the XUV 300 the gear shifts are much smoother and feel very torque to drive. 

In my opinion, the auto-shift gearbox is perfectly designed for XUV 300, so if anytime one feels that he/she wants to let loose while having full control of the car then the manual mode is perfect to drive.

Mahindra XUV 300 is perfect and fun to drive the car and it is unmatchable in performance, build quality, features and cherry on the cake is the auto-shift gearbox. 

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